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The difficulty with psychiatric illnesses is that they may come upon one very gradually and take control of one’s thinking so surrupticiously that any objective reckoning of the effect of the illness on one’s person becomes impossible. ¬†That task then is left to the near and dear or a professional.

A wise relative or friend is invaluable in showing the way forward to afflicted person. However, they need either a good understanding of the issue themselves and an unbiased mind. Further , their relationship with the person should be able to make it possible that such advice and direction will be heeded.

A professional who is well qualified, wise ,unbiased and compassionate and is able to strike a relationship with the person which is capable of sustaining ,directing and helping the person towards health and recovery is hard to find.

Through this website, I aim to do some of the above tasks of providing clear, unbiased useful information and for those who seek to consult me personally , I  endeavour to be that professional.

Best wishes for the New year.



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