Where can I see Dr Sharma?

please incorporate my consulting suites at little aston spire, sutton medical consulting also home visits

What is the fee and how can I pay for my appointment?

250- initial appointment

150 - follow up appointment

you can pay upon receiving the invoice in post by cheque, card or bank transfer (BACS)

How soon can I see the Dr Sharma?


How long will my appointment take?


This is usually a 60 minute appointment with the Consultant. You can attend alone or with a family member or friend. You will be given an opportunity to see the Consultant on your own. The assessment may involve a discussion, psychological testing and any necessary physical examination (if appropriate). The Consultant is able to give a provisional diagnosis, usually at the end of this assessment. A treatment plan is constructed with your involvement and agreement. Dr Sharma can issue you a private prescription for any medication he is recommending or write to your GP requesting the same. A detailed report is sent to your GP about the consultation and plan of treatment and a copy is posted to you.

Do I need a GP referral letter?

you don't need a gp letter. however a letter from gp ensures that i can advice gp about my treatment plan, following the consultation.

How do I book an appointment?

T: 0121 227 0785
E: info@privatepsychiatristbirmingham.co.uk

What are your cancellation charges?

if you give me about 48 hours notice , no charges

if less than that , I will have to charge you for the room and admin charges - 60.00

What should I ask on my consultation?

you should expect to have at least a provisional professional opinion on your illness , a plan of treatment, a prescription if appropriate

can I learn more about my pyschiatric health?

please see my web site where I have included a lot of information on different psychiatric conditions

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