Medico Legal Practice

I am a section 12 Approved doctor trained in the use of the Mental Health Act.

I am the Responsible Clinician for patients who are under my care. This is a role recognized by the Government and GMC that is entrusted with the care of persons receiving treatment under the Mental Health Act.

Training Relevant to Medicolegal Practice

Risk assessment Workshop/ Training provided by my Mental Health Trust

Continuing professional development in Mental Health Law/ Mental Capacity Law.

Medico Legal Training: Education and Training Centre at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 1 day course in Writing for Courts- Ensuring Quality and Effectiveness.

Medico Legal Work:

1. Expert witness report for road traffic accidents and other accidents at work.
2. Clinical negligence
3. Employment tribunal report.
4. Capacity assessment report for court of protection
5. Power of attorney assessment and report
6. Testamentary capacity assessment & report
7. Firness to stand trial assessment and report.

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