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Dr Sharma has run a successful private practice for over 10years. He offers consultations for any psychological conditions in people aged over 18 years. He can see to make reports for the Court in civil cases. He does not take on Forensic Psychiatry work. He does not see people with Substance misuse problems . He can assess people with Alcohol addiction problems.

Dr. Pravir Sharma Consultant Psychiatrist has been providing Private Consultations and Expert Witness Reports in Compensation cases since 2004.

He has been instructed by Agencies and Barristers throughout the Country who value instructing an experienced Psychiatrist. He endeavours to provide a high quality expert witness report.

Dr Sharma has received positive feedback from clients and instructing solicitors.

Clinical Experience

Dr Sharma has been a Full Time Consultant with the NHS for 14+ years in an inner city area of Birmingham. His training and experience is in working with Aduts over 18 years of age. His interests are Depression , Anxiety disorders and Dementia.

Employment Tribunal Cases

Dr. Sharma often provides reports in Employment Tribunal Cases specifically Equality Act Assessments as well as stress, anxiety and fitness to work assessments,

Home Assessments

Dr Sharma can see patients at their homes.

Dr Sharma can see patients with following conditions:

- Depression
- Anxiety disorders
- Panic disorders
- Obsessive compulsive disorders
- Bipolar disorders
- Schizophrenia
- Other psychiatrtic disorders
- Alcohol addiction
- Dementias

Reports are completed within 2-4 weeks but sooner if required.

Dr Sharma have a special interest in Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and other psychiatric injuries such as anxiety disorders as a result of traumatic physical injuries.

Dr Sharma have also completed a comprehensive professional course in Medical Report Writing and Giving Expert Evidence in Court.

Dr Sharma normally assess patients at my private consulting rooms in Birmingham.

Medical expert witness reports for

- Trauma Sequelae (Psychiatry including Personal Injury)
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Psychiatry)
- Psychosomatic Disorders/ Munchausen / Malingering – fraudulent simulation or exaggeration of symptoms assessments
- Psychopathology / Psychiatric Disorders
- Anxiety Disorders / Depression
- Disability Discrimination Act including Racial Matters

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Asylum Seeker & Immigration Psychiatric assessments

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